Office cleaning can be cumbersome and time-consuming, so it is natural to want to follow some tips that would make this process hassle-free, thereby making office cleaning a pleasant experience that need not necessarily be stressful.

Listed below are some helpful time-saving office cleaning tips that are actually proven to work:


Primary cleaning tasks can be determined easily and in a straightforward manner with the implementation of an organized checklist. It can include basic activities such as throwing paper scraps in the garbage bin, rearranging computer wires, keeping desks tidy, ensuring coffee mugs are cleared etc. Having a checklist of these items will make the process of keeping the office clean much simpler and save on time.


Preparing a schedule to determine what tasks are to be completed per a specific timeline is key to an organized approach in the office cleaning routine. Routine activities like organizing files, vacuuming, dusting, etc. can be executed per schedule. Monthly and annual tasks can also be penciled into the schedule so that it is timely executed without fail. 


5 Time-Saving Office Cleaning Strategies That Actually Work

Clean as you go

A method used to achieve lower maintenance costs and higher productivity levels. It involves maintaining cleanliness in the workplace by each individual tidying up after themselves. This includes sorting out what is required in work and disposal of unnecessary items, setting the order of remaining items from sorting, maintenance of orderliness by sweeping, standardizing the above by creating guidelines and policies, and also self-discipline to follow through.


The organization is important in order to maximize productivity and reduce material wastage. It is easier to spot dirt and clean it immediately in an organized workplace, avoiding it to pile up and become difficult to manage in the future. Being organized involves a system of rules, such as no vandalism to property and cleaning up after one’s workspace.

Signs and Rewards

Signs such as ‘Clean as you go’ and ‘Please flush after use’ in washrooms will remind employees of the shared responsibility of keeping the office clean and tidy. The signs are meant to be large and readable, with contrasting colors. Rewards can also be offered to employees with the cleanest work zones to encourage clean habits.

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